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Waves is an enhanced business messaging service that seamlessly combines email, blog and social media channels with the adding power of SEO. This integration ensures cohesive and constant messaging that greatly extends the reach of your marketing messages, extends the life of your messages from a few hours to many weeks, engages your audience and ultimately influences.

It is a fully managed messaging service leaving you to get on with your core activities.

We track everyone on the contact list and reporting back on email opens and click throughs. We also track and provide detail reports on your content when broadcast on our own widely-read blog and social media sites. This means that you can quickly and easily respond in a timely manner.

And to ensure that you are adopting the right overall approach our team can give guidance about your online campaigning and delivering your message to your core target audience. 

Visit our dedicated Waves website to find out more.





Companies and Organisations already making Waves

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